More & more people are questioning the need for the use of chemicals & toxins when cleaning their homes, and they have good reason to.

However, we still hear so many people claim “I love the smell of bleach”...

“I like to bleach my house from top to bottom”, etc.  Buy why?  Such products are very hazardous and damaging to us and the environment – one look at the back of the bottle and all its health warnings tells us they are harmful to our loved ones, our pets, and our planet.

The Shropshire Natural Cleaning Co is mindful of its impact on our local environment and tries hard to reduce this where possible

(one day we’ll have an electric car to reduce emissions, but until then we will focus on other aspects of the business!).  Our mission is to continue to encourage people to think about what they are exposing themselves to, how they can make their homes safer, improve their health, improve home air purity, and help their local environment.

We stopped using chemical cleaners in our own home many years ago

having noticed that they were leaving family members short of breath and feeling unwell with headaches & nausea.  Worrying, telltale signs not to be ignored!  Our children are very rarely sick, and we believe this is partly due to the fact they are not exposed to toxins in the home.

Every time we clean with chemicals, we are taking in toxins via inhalation and by absorbing them through the skin

Toxins are also known to affect conditions such as asthma & eczema.  Using plant based, green products still gets results, but also reduces the levels of pollution we send into our waterways, they limit our impact on our air, and they help reduce our impact on climate change.

So, why green cleaning?

Safer products → happier home → purer & cleaner environment → better future

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